04 Qua Marais

VINGT Paris Magazine is devoted to the 20 arrondissements of Paris.  We’re purveyors of the city’s secrets, advocates of apéros, and about opening doors to the true places and real people that illuminate the City of Light.

VINGT Paris Magazine began almost seven years ago as a blog that chronicled some of the challenges, triumphs and interesting events for artists living in Paris.  It was one of the first on the Paris scene and stood out from the (very small) crowd thanks to the quality of writing and events it covered, and thanks to the untiring energy of its founder, Susie Hollands.  The blog quickly became a very popular site and guide for artists and anyone interested in the arts, visiting or moving to Paris.

Soon enough, VINGT Paris metamorphosed into a true magazine, with contributing writers, differentiated sections, section editors and strategic partners.  Without changing anything at all, its popularity continued to grow while retaining its high standard of writing.  But over the past 7 years, approximately 10,000 other blogs and guides to Parisian life have popped up.  They’re doing a great job, pointing Parisians old and new to the newest and best places to eat, drink, play and live in Paris – like the original crowd-sourcing.  But here at VINGT Paris Magazine, we’ve always had a hard time following the crowd…

So we’ve changed. We’ve redesigned the online magazine, made it more interactive and informative, visually appealing, better organized and easier to use.  We’re introducing some new elements, such as the “Become a Parisian” section that covers everything from Apartment Stories to Unspoken Rules; we’re reorganizing older content so it’s easier to find.  And we’re introducing our Paris Personnages, seven personalities that capture the spirit of Paris and Parisians, and that are your personal guides to the bakeries, shops, restos and resources that real Parisians use.  Wonder how a Bobo spends her day, or which café a St Germainer lingers in?  Let our Paris Personnages guide you around town – think of them as your local expert around the Capital.

But we’re mostly excited about our newest feature : in-depth interviews with the people of Paris, from native Parisiens to immigrants and ex-pats, innovators, game-changers, pioneers.  In other words, the folks who truly illuminate the City of Light!