Réseau Tram

Text: Adrian K. Sanders
There’s a lot going on outside the périphérique, but it can be hard to
know where to go. Some of the most interesting events and contemporary
artists in France are either based or from les banlieues.

Since 2005,
Réseau Tram has organized trips to the greater Ile-de-france area in
hopes of revealing and developing the lively art scene outside of
Paris. The teams aim is to draw attention to some well deserving groups
and also create a dialogue with the powerhouses inside Paris, such as
Palais de Tokyo and Jeu de Paume.

Reseau Tram organises a small group of people and taxis them out to
“remote” areas in the Ile-de-France region. Tickets include
transporation to and from the event and usually also include admission.
You can check out some of the events going on here, and look at the Tram schedule to see when people are going.


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