Unspoken rules: 35 Parisian New Year’s Resolutions

16 lots of velibes

Text: Guillermo Martinez de Velasco

1-Find someone French to have a date with

2-Actually do that thing where I pick an area of the Louvre per week, and visit it very attentively

3-Buy a bicycle and throw away my carte imagineR

4-Actually go to Château de Vincennes, not just talk about going

5-Promise to go to one of the presentations/lectures/workshops at Beaubourg or the Fondation Cartier per month

6-Don’t cheap out on French Vogue or Egoïste

7-Finally get my membership for the Hôtel-de-Ville Library and The Bibliothèque Fornier / Go study in these libraries

8-Get photographed by The Sartorialist, at least

9-Volunteer at Shakespeare and Co. (But also check out the Abbey Bookstore)

10- Promise to learn more about wines, it’s embarrassing that you always go for the 4-5 euro Bordeaux

11-Don’t be afraid to ask what something means when I don’t know

12-Start playing chess at the Jardins de Luxembourg until men with berets know my name, and better yet, have a nickname for me

13-Have a date at the Musée de L’Art Brut

14-Don’t go to the Eiffel Tower on New Year’s Eve

15-Go eat tiny portions of microwaved macaroni and cheese at the Palais de Tokyo like some spoiled 16ème kid

16-Go to the police station and get my Carte d’Identité

17-Actually get my food either at the Bastille or Barbès markets

18-Have lunch with a friend at that community centre in front of the Goutte d’Or library

20-Spend more time in the Goutte D’Or instead of walking up and down the Canal St-Martin

19-Go watch at least 3 musicals at the Théâtre du Châtelet

20-Stop complaining about the French

21-Go to the Maison Rouge more often

22-Have a picnic at every major park, from Belleville to Monceau

23-Go on those neighbourhood tours offered by the city of Paris/Finding out what else the city of Paris offers

24-Jump into the Seine (Or at least dip my foot inside and then run home to wash it)

25-Watch every single Nouvelle Vague film set in Paris and then walk around the neighbourhood it was filmed in

26-Finally get over the Nouvelle Vague image of Paris

27-Go to one of those secret and illegal metro tunnel parties

28-Get that UGC/MK2 membership and go watch one film per week

29-Learn how to roll a cigarette while talking

30-Start reading Le Canard Enchâiné

31-Go to the Invalides Museum, even though it’s boring. Just go. Just once. Then it’s over. And you can have lunch on that cute little park next to it. Or better yet, in the Rodin Museum

32-Stop complaining about the weather. For god’s sake, it’s much better than where I come from!

33-Go to the monthly book swap party at Le Carmen in Pigalle

34-Like Ricard

35-Give the the 6ème a chance


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