Le People

Le People Paris Personnage

Illustration: Elliot Elam

Shit! The heel of your black pump just broke.  Thank god it’s not your Louboutins, but still.  It’s not like Zara costs nothing.  Shit! You say to yourself again.  You like the way the word feels, more racy, more tendance than merde.  You picked it up in Ibiza last summer – someone brought some Americans and every time you said it, everyone thought you were adorable.  And you are adorable.  A little naughty, a little spoiled, but that pout is what got you into Buddha Bar back when it was someplace, and what gets you the best service at the bar at Georges V now.  It’s also what got you your fiancé, the son of some count or other played-out royalty.  No matter, he looks great on your arm at those charity parties on rue Montagne.  So boring, but it’s for charity so you have another glass of champagne and practice your pout.  But now you’re on your way to brunch and you’re going to be late thanks to the pump.  No matter, it always looks better to sweep in a little late and let people wonder what delayed you.  Your pout and tousled hair says it was a quick tryst; nobody needs to know about your pump.  But still, you’d better send a texto to Charlene and at least her know – they’re her pumps, en fait.  Luckily you’re not far from home which is, of course, in the 8ème. You keep telling yourself that you’re too young for the 16ème but you don’t lose sight of it. As soon as things get more serious with someone, you’ll get a place there. It’s the only place in Paris that you’d want to have your kids grow up in. “Only the best” you repeat to yourself. And honestly, who even goes past the Madeleine? What do people do there?  You check Voici on your iPhone and find out that David Guetta is playing on friday. Can you make it? Oh, please.

Our favourite places to spot Le People

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Hotel de Vendôme

Text: Pikke Allen Napoleon, dressed in his fine Roman generals’ costume stares down at you from above on his perch in the centre of Place Vendome.  Some distinguished addresses adorn this grand courtyard, but in a quiet corner one remains the most discreet.  Number One, Place Vendome, the location of the 4 star deluxe Hotel de Vendome.  The hotel is … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Pershing Hall Hotel

Text: Eva Krysiak Pershing Hall Hotel provides a striking blend of sensory titillation. Dramatic green, red and pink lighting cloaks the walls and the smell of fresh mint and limes wafts from the cocktails. A vertical, botanical wall provides the centerpiece of the downstairs lounge – at 30 metres high and spanning two floors, it provides a dramatic setting. Rooms … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Pedicure Luxe/Budget – Bastien Gonzalez and J-Phil

If you are rolling out the red carpet you could choose the world’s best pedicure courtesy of Bastien Gonzales. He’s a long way from Limousin but Bastien has retained his down to earth ways and sense of humour.  His trademark official pedicure was developed to give the toenails a mother of pearl sheen without the use of any polish, just … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Breakfast in America

A 50s diner, no big deal – but a 50s diner in the midst of Paris offers a surreal, Lynch-like experience. Brunch (pancakes, bacon, eggs, a “Bottomless Mug O’Joe”…) is served at all hours of the day. The plus; they also serve beer. The scene is mostly made up of Parisian hipsters, nostalgic foreigners, and the occasional French greaser. Personally, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Le Dali at Le Meurice Hotel

We giggled at the blurb at Le Meurice….“Between pleasure and greed, the new culinary concept of the restaurant Le Dali – signed Yannick Alléno – undresses French cuisine, designed around a menu that is without and 100% (indulgence or abstinence).“….. it’s definitely been a direct translation from the original, but it somehow doesn’t come over in quite the same way … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

L’Epi Dupin

L’Epi deserves a mention.  As long as you don’t feel “cheated” if you dine where there are more gastro-tourists than you can shake a stick at you’ll be rewarded with a fabulous three course meal and dreamy cheeseboard.  Make a reservation well in advance and be prepared to be on time with no plans to linger – with three sittings … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Le Georges V Four Seasons Hotel

Le Georges V is a fabulous art déco landmark hotel dating from 1928, just off the Champs Elysées.  This meeting place for business or perhaps pleasure is the favoured spot of well-heeled Parisiennes.  This year the christmas décor is inspired by Dan Flavin’s strip lights, an inventive break from the norm.  It’s no surprise because the hotel’s resident Fleuriste, Jeff … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Blondes have no damn fun in Paris.

From our archives, a post from back in 2005. It’s something I’ve struggled with for almost three years. A problem of magnitude. I’ve explored every possible way round it. I promise you I’m not really that demanding…but from what friends tell me, I’m not alone. According to foreign hairstylists with snob clients who make ‘Paree’ home it’s a common complaint. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Bar Du Plaza Athénée

It’s really sexy inside – a long illuminated bar flanked by Louis XV-style metallic stools and small Murano glass lights above. On the walls are a series of large paintings with frames so deep you can actually sit inside and become part of the artworks. The paintings are by 17th-century artist Claude Gelée, known as “Le Lorrain”. A good place … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


Goyard, THE place for travel bags, older than LV, rarer and more desirable. You can’t get much higher than this when it comes to class; try a suitcase that unfolds into a food and water bowl for your puppy. And for youself, carry along a matching red-leather passport wallet. Goyard (Ask for Kouki) 233 and 352 Rue Saint-Honoré, 1st Ph. 01 … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Dining at Le Meurice Hotel

For over-the-top opulence you won’t go wrong at the the Hôtel Meurice, opposite the Tuileries gardens.  Make time for lunch and indulge your Louis Quinze fantasies. Three-starred Michelin chef Alain Ducasse has made it one of the most sought after tables in town. Le Meurice 228 Rue de Rivoli, 1st Ph. 01 44 58 10 10 Hours M-F 12.30-2.30pm; 7.30-10pm … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Kube Hotel

Not many of the people I advised to invest in Max Dormoy and Chateau Rouge took me up on it. Okay, it’s for the fearless, long-term investor but speculators are supposed to have balls. If you want to be a pioneer you have to be brave. “Kube” gives people a good reason to believe me. Kube 1-5 Passage Ruelle, 18th … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Nickel Spa

Created by Philippe Dumont, NICKEL carries a line of skin products specifically for male needs, in virile packaging and scented masculin fragrance. Products sport clever names such as “anti-hangover” (anti-gueule de bois) or “silicon valley” to treat tired skin and bags under eyes, after a night of partying. NICKEL also has several instituts*, providing manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages for … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Blonde by Franck Vidoff

Frank has his own parlour dedicated to the art of being blonde – perhaps reminicent of Marilyn’s dressing room which seems to have been the inspiration. And he takes hair seriously, in an altogether French fashion – there is even a row of philosophy and criticism books on the politics of “Blonde”. Franck Vidoff 12 Rue Pré aux Clercs, 7th … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Chantal Thomass

French lingerie with a twist, Chantal Thomass‘ lingerie is hip and seductive with intricate and unique designs. Each piece of lingerie has its own personality. Thomass’ chic styles and bright colors may remind some people of New York designer, Patricia Field’s work. Except, Thomass’ Parisian boutique has a glamorous and delicate display. If your looking for something to match your … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Bar Hemingway

Simply the best classic cocktails in town. During Paris’ liberation, Ernest Hemingway and a group of Allied soldiers made history by “freeing” the Ritz from the Nazis and ordering a round of martinis. Apparently a trunk full of notes on his first years in Paris turned up here in the 1950s, giving him the raw material to write A Moveable … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Hôtel Amour

In quiet rue Navarin, you’ll find Hôtel Amour, owned by Andre (Paris-Paris, Le Baron etc), with rooms by Marc Newson and French artist Sophie Calle, who famously masqueraded as a Venetian chambermaid for three weeks in her 1981 piece, “The Hotel”. Even if you’re not staying there, the hotel’s leafy courtyard is popular amongst locals for lunch, dinner or apéro. Hôtel … [CLICK TO READ MORE]